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    Watering System

    THE ECO BAG saves water, costs less, saves trees and shrubs during droughts and dry spells. One fill maintains water to trees for up to a month.

    To survive newly planted trees and shrubs need an adequate, controlled water supply directed to reach the root system. In many situations, the water supply must continue over the first few vital summer months Watering by hand can be a time-consuming money-wasting exercise.

    Using Eco Bags is the solution for both of the above problems.

    automatic drip watering system

    Eco BAGS provide eco-friendly controlled water supply to trees and shrubs.

    THE ECO BAG is an automatic drip watering system costing considerably less than replacing trees and shrubs which fail through inadequate watering. The unique watering system consists of a plastic container which drips water into the roots of a plant or tree over a long period. It has a long life time and will establish more than just one tree. It has been developed in dry areas and is now fully proven after an exhausting three-year period, to provide an adequate controlled water supply to establish trees.


    • Provides the ultimate in moisture conservation for trees and shrubs during droughts and dry spells and where water costs and transportation are critical.
    • Eliminates evaporation from around the root zone while still allowing rain to enter.
    • Automatically waters trees and shrubs.
    • ECO bags provide the perfect insulation around the root zone, warming soil in cool weather and cooling in the hot weather.
    • Enables trees and shrubs to be planted at any time of the year and to grow through summer.
    • Saves the enormous costs of plumbing and irrigation involved in orchard establishment/expansion. (Where underground moisture is available for the tree's eventual use).
    • Holds approximately 20 litres of water, lasting from 3 to 4 weeks. Can be easily refilled if necessary.
    • The flow of liquid can be varied to suit the size of the plant or length of time water is required to last.
    • Ecobagsare durable and last for years, the perfect grass and weed control around plants.
    • Filters any type of water and allows the addition of fertilizer.
    • Provides excellent support for small trees and shrubs.
    • Easily hidden, if desired, under mulch, wood chips, etc.

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