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    Automatic Watering System

    ECO Bags have been extensively and successfully used during drought conditions in a variety of locations where previously it had not been possible to establish trees. A recent example was the Australian drought, when thousands of ECO bags were air-freighted in to save precious trees.

    The Proof

    In New Zealand, extensive shelter belts have been established on high properties with the aid of ECO bags where all previous attempts had failed.

    Trees are now flourishing in sandy coastal areas, high mountain, semi-desert and degraded areas previously considered hostile to the establishment of trees.

    English and exotic trees have been successfully planted and established in summer drought conditions and in windy locations.

    Success in the horticultural field in trials with Kiwi fruit, citrus trees, avocados, etc., has proved beyond doubt that the ECO bag is a practical alternative to expensive irrigation systems when not needed after establishment. 

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