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  • Watering Roses

    Gorgeous rose bushes such as Double Delight and brand New Era can effortlessly be cultivated in your yard or container. It simply requires good exposure to the sun, a handfull of good fertilizer on a monthly basix (preferably Rose Fertilizer) and, of course, consistant watering especially when dry.


    Provide each rose with sufficient water to moisturise the soil around the roots. This particularly applies to the dry winter season found in most of Australia.

    To prevent black spot and mildew water during early morning and do not wet the plant's leaves.

    Having said a the above a good hosing down of the whole plant once every two or three weeks (in the morning) keeps the plant clean, clears out bugs, such as spider mites and aphids, and improves humidity around the plant.

    When pruning your roses it helps the plants health to keep the air flowing through the plant by cutting out inward growing branches.

    Container roses need watered more often depending on the type of pot they are planted in. Terrecotta pots particulary tend to lose water due to their porosity. Do not overwater the pots though, as roses do not like their roots sitting in saturated soil. Dig your hand in the soil, it should be moist, but not wet.

    Mulch, such as sugar cane mulch should be spread around the root zone of the rose to reduce evaporaton and keep the roots cool.

    Mulch (2 to 3 inches around a bush) to help retain moisture from watering and decrease future watering needs. Mulching additionally helps hold the earth cool and helps control weeds.

    Alternatively, using Eco-Bag (eco friendly watering bag), will provide just the right amount of moisture to each plant, while protecting from ground bugs and weeds. Makes life a lot easier and you do not need to worry about your plant drying out or becoming water logged.

    Eco-Bag Automatic Watering System

    Eco-bag is fillable bag that mount around the base of a rose or plant and slowly releases water as the plant requires it. No battery or electricity required for this tree watering bags

    automatic drip watering system

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