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  • Watering New Trees

    Tree Watering Frequency

    New trees should be watered once a week. This is a good soak-dry cycle, and helps with scheduling.

    Established trees should only need supplemental watering during extreme drought.

    • Water your trees and shrubs thoroughly after planting.

    • Continue to water plants regularly for the first two years that they are planted. Proper watering is especially crucial during this time as the plants are working to establish themselves in the landscape and to overcome any transplant shock.

    • Deep, less frequent watering is better than frequent, shallow watering. This promotes deep root growth and can reduce water loss by evaporation.

    • Sandy soils drain water much faster than clay soils. In an area with a heavy clay soil, the water percolates slowly into the ground, so water at a slower rate to help reduce run off.

    • Know how much water each plant type needs to thrive.

    • Water the rootball or the area directly below the plant rather than the leaves. The leaves can take in water, but the main uptake of water and nutrients is through the roots.

    • The best time to water is during the morning hours. Afternoon watering tends to increase the chances of water loss through evaporation. Watering at night increases the likelihood of fungal infections.

    • Mulch around your plantings. This helps to reduce evaporation and to suppress weeds.

    • Control your weeds - they will be competing with your plants for the same water.

    automatic drip watering system

    Tree Watering Bags - Eco-bag is fillable bag that mount around the base of a tree and slowly release over several hours. It will definitely soak the root-well.

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