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    Eco Friendly Watering System

    Ecobags is an eco friendly watering system for establishing trees and shrubs in domestic, commercial and environmentally sensitive areas, particularly arid, desert, isolated, and drought affected regions.

    Saving waterLandscape areas
    New estates, corporate planting, hospitals, administration buildings

    Domestic gardens
    Dry areas, drought times, holiday times, water conservation
    Once a month watering

    Parks and roads
    Street Planting, median strips, embankments, roundabouts.
    How many times have "work for the dole" re-generation plantings along the beaches DIED due to irregular watering.

    Mine reclamation
    Reforestation, revegitation, landscaping remote areas

    Botanical Golf courses
    Water the trees not the golfers!

    Beach areas

    Isolated areas
    Set and forget for a month!

    Farm trees
    Both shade and stock fodder type

    Any area where previously it had been difficult to grow trees and shrubs.

    NOTE: In colder areas the ECO bag provides increased growing potential as it acts as an insulator providing warmth to the root zones. 

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