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    Eco Bag Watering FAQ

    How often do the bags have to be filled?

    The Eco drip irrigation system bag holds about 25 litres of water and the capillary wick can be adjusted to deliver 1 litre every 24 hours. Usually the bag needs to be filled every three to four weeks in summer, less in the winter. The flow can be stopped in wet seasons, by elevating the wick, leaving the bag to control weeds, and resume when weather turns dry again.

    How do you fill the bags?

    1. Individually from a hose, watering can or tanker and pump.
    2. By connecting to a riser tube on a water line so that they can all be filled at once.

    How long does the bag last and will it establish more than one tree?

    The Eco bag is a special UV treated laminated vinyl and we found they will last a considerable time allowing you to establish a number of good size trees from each bag by moving the bag, when empty, to a new tree every 18 months to 2 years.

    What area do the bags cover around the tree for weed control?

    60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft). The few weeds that may grow at the base of the tree can be pulled out when refilling.

    Will the water get too hot?

    Even if the Eco bag does get hot, by the time the drip hits the ground, it has cooled and even on the hottest days you will find earth worms under the bag on the moist soil. However, trees get the hydroponic benefit of warm water and insulation.

    Can I use un-filtered water and fertilizer?

    Yes. Any reasonable creek or available water will do, as the capillary tube is very hard to block up, which means that soluble fertilizer can be added for a slow release boost.

    Can the bag be hidden?

    Yes, it is a good idea to cover the bag with light mulch or straw so that it blends in with the rest of the garden.

    Is it OK to use a sprinkler system in a garden? 

    I've seen hundreds of gardens using sprinkler systems to water their plants, so I assume it's a sound practice.

    You can water most plants with sprinklers and people often have no other choice. But drip watering is the better choice. The main concern with overhead watering is disease. Splashing water or wet leaves are what many plant diseases need to spread. Sprinkling is also wasteful, since so much water is lost to evaporation. Drip watering systems, deliver water exactly where it's needed - to the soil at the base of the plant. The water is applied slowly and is able to soak in. Leaves stay dry, limiting disease problems. The Eco Bag is a prime example of a drip watering system that is very economical with water.

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