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  • Don't Sprinkle, Soak thriftily

    Using Tree Watering Bag to save water

    When most of us think of outdoor watering, we think of a hose with sprinkler on the end or a sprinkler system. we think of covering lawn and garden with a ample spray of tap water.

    Unfortunately, spray watering can be extremely wasteful. An average landscape can consume more water in a day than a family of four needs ina month. And this type of watering is not effective for many kinds od plant growth. Lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers all have different needs.

    What's worse, conventional sprinklers that irrigate planting strips bordering a home can be the origin of a host of water-related problems ranging from mold and mildew to peeling paint and even a shifting foundation. The latter is particularly serious, since it can result in out-of-level floors, difficult-to-open windows and doors, and cracks in walls, ceilings and even the fundation itself.

    Eco Bags - Tree Watering Bags

    Dripwatering systems have long been around, but not until recently have they become readily available and priced to sell.

    With Eco-bags you can control water use to within amazingly accurate tolerances and fertilize at the same time without even being there. And a great advantage of drip systems is that they don't have to be placed deep underground, so installation is easy.

    Eco-Bags automatically plant watering system.

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